Lavender Seeds and Canada Blooms

Since my last entry, I’ve given growing lavender from seeds a lot of thought. I’m still planning to start a few different types – hopefully when I get off the computer today. The containers and sterile seed starting soil are waiting my attention! However, unless you have started plants from seed, I would pass on starting lavender from seed and purchase plants instead. If you want flowers this year, you can often find plants at a lavender farm or quality garden center, in gallon containers that are ready to bloom. Plants in 4″ pots may not bloom until next year. If it is a L. x intermedia, it may take 2 years to bloom. Remember, you cannot purchase seeds of any L. x intermedia’s as they are sterile and do not produce seeds. I don’t mean to discourage you, but quite honestly, life is too short. Purchase some nice blooming plants. If you are going to plant them in your garden, plant them early. Most lavender plants don’t really survive the winter if they are planted after the end of June.

Canada Blooms this year was enjoyable. They announced recently that there were 90,000 visitors to the show! I met lots of old friends including Wayne. We met years ago when I used to have a booth at garden shows and herb festivals. Wayne’s wife, Mary Dawn, is an artist. Her floral paintings are beautiful and you can see them in the background of his photo. One of the first shows we did together was at the Royal Botanical Gardens in April. There was a terrible blizzard that weekend, very few customers and the vendors all got to know each other as there weren’t many people to talk to but each other. I think Wayne knows every joke ever written and he can fire them off faster than my brain can take them in. It was nice to see him again.

Of the new products available is something called The Garden Soxx TM. This would be great if you love gardening, but don’t have much space. I thought it would be difficult to water as it would dry out faster than a plastic container sitting on the ground, but they had it set up with soaker watering system.

There were acres of flowers and I liked the symplicity of the glass containers, wrapped in colored wool. What a nice way to color co-ordinate your flowers and vase.

At the Garden Writer’s luncheon at Canada Blooms, w were given quite a number of books to review. There are some I just love and will share them next time.


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