Welcome to my blog.

My name is Christine and I discovered lavender in 1995. I was soon growing every variety I could find, both in the house and in the garden. I’ve visited lavender farms in England, Jersey Island, the United States and France. I’m trying to collect information about growing lavender to help gardeners with any problems they have.

As a result of speaking at garden shows and herb fairs, I wrote the first Canadian book about how to grow lavender called: Growing Lavender, A Guide for Cooler Climates.

I’m currently working on the next edition.

I also like cats and have the sweetest little cat, Miss Katie, who came from a rescue organization, to whom I am very grateful.

Miss Katie

Miss Katie


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Claudia Says:

    HI Christine – I just wanted to say Hello again and that I love the picture of Miss Katie–We have had two similar cats, Chelsea and Cleo – Unfortunately our here in the country Chelsea went missing years ago like a few others were loved, but Cleo passed away last Fall at the ripe age of 11. Aren’t cats wonderful? We have Lacie, a long-haired calico and Clyde, a cat that found us and is feral but lovely orange male and Simon, a lovely tabby. We also have a Goldie lab – Milo. Miss Katie looks to have a real personality! 🙂

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Hi Christine – I, too, share your love of lavender (and cats)! Owning a lavender farm is my number one bucket list item and, as I live in northern New Jersey, I have found growing lavender difficult. I was so happy to find your blog because I can’t find a reasonably-priced copy of your book and I would love to keep up with what you are now doing. I am anxiously awaiting the next edition of “Growing Lavender, A Guide for Cooler Climates” — If there is a way to get on an early notification list to buy it, please let me know and I will happily be one of your first customers. Thanks for starting this blog — Can’t wait to hear more from you

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