More Lavender Farms Worth Visiting

Lavender is still in bloom this weekend so it is a great time to visit some farms.  The last entry shared a few near Toronto, Ontario.

Heading a few hours EAST of the city is Prince Edward County Lavender.  They have 3 acres of lavender, a lovely store and usually a great selection of plants for sale.  Lavender does better if it is planted earlier in the summer, than later.  I haven’t seen an explanation for that yet, so if you want some lavender in your garden, get it planted before the beginning of August.  I have not been there in a couple of years but they make a wonderful herb blend for cooking.

West of Toronto several more farms:  Steed and Co. and The Lavender Farm.

The Lavender Farm

The Lavender Farm’s specialty is distilling their own hydrosols – a bit like essential oils but water based.  The day I visited, lavender was being harvested and there was an ongoing demonstration of how the hydrosol was made – very good.  Although out in the country, the farm is very easy to find.  From the 401, take the exit at Drumbo and follow the road south for 12 – 15 minutes.  The farm is on the east side of the road.

Lavender Blue shop

Steed and Co. is near Port Stanley, Ontario, and in a unique part of Ontario, border a beautiful Carolinian Forest.  The garden is a delight to wander and they sell great products in the store – be sure and try the chocolate!

For more farms, visit


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