Visit a Lavender Farm

Prince Edward County lavender

Prince Edward County lavender

The lavender in my garden is in full bloom. A little later than usual due to the severe winter, but it is beautiful!

Time to head off to visit some lavender farms. You can find a farm near you by visiting the Ontario Lavender Growers website at:
If you are in the United States, try to visit the Lavender Festival in Sequim, Washington this month. Lots of farms and beautiful fields of lavender to see.

I’m heading off this week to Bonnie Heath Lavender (they produce wine as well!) and Apple Hill Lavender in Simcoe. Earlier this year I visited the Simcoe Research Station and what a beautiful part of Ontario that is. On the way home I’m going to Weir’s Lane Lavender and Apiary, near Hamilton Ontario. This weekend they are having a lavender and music festival. You can find details on their website:

To harvest your own lavender to use in crafts or cooking, the best time is just as the first flowers begin to open. Cut the stalks early in late morning after any moisture has evaporated from the stems. If you are too late this year, not to worry. The bees and butterflies will relish the lavender nectar. As soon as the blooms are finished, cut the stalks off and if you have not already pruned the plant this year you can cut it back now. If you have L. a. ‘Hidcote’ or L. a. ‘Munstead’, they should bloom again this year. If we have a mild fall, I have even had lavender in bloom in October.

Get out and enjoy a lavender farm.


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