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Lavender Honey with Desert

February 7, 2014

Canada’s premier garden show, Canada Blooms, is just around the corner in March.  Last week I had the pleasure of attending a preview event at the Intercontinental Hotel on Front Street in downtown Toronto.  They served food that was not only tasty, but lovely to look at and the desert was the highlight for me.  It was coffee cake, topped with vanilla ice cream and lavender honey.  Lavender leaves were used as a garnish.  Lavender continues to grow in popularity and if you don’t already have some in your garden, it is a good time to think about adding a few plants this year.  You will need at least 6 hours of sun and soil that drains well so the plants are never sitting in water.

If you want to grow it from seed, one of the few varieties to bloom the first year from seed is Lavender Lady.  You will need to start it this month if you are hoping for blooms.  I have previous blogs about starting lavender from seed, just look at the index on the side. 

More about Canada Blooms next week.Image