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New Lavender at Canada Blooms

March 17, 2012

I would love to wear a pair of shoes like this.

Part of a gorgeous creation at Canada Blooms

Canada’s premier garden show, Canada Blooms started yesterday. It takes place for 10 days this time at the Direct Energy Center in downtown Toronto, Ontario. It is a feast to wander among the flowers and plants imagining what your own garden will look like this year.

Last June I visited one of the newer Ontario Lavender farms. It is located near Niagara-on-the-lake and called ‘Neob Lavender’.

They had a new variety of lavender for sale and it turns out it is their own development. Robert explained to us that it was a cross between English and ‘French’ lavender. I assume he meant between English and L x intermedia lavender and I leaned near him and whispered, “But french lavender is sterile”. He went on to explain that these were developed by tissue culture, but as I type this, I think he meant genetically modified. The purpose being to bring the best of the two families together. The name they have given this variety is “Massuet Niagara”. It is to be pruned like the angustifolias but will give off the scent more like the intermedia’s.

When I was in France a few years ago, they explained that the ‘True’ lavender, the angustifolia was the more preferred and went for a higher price. As the angustifolia plants are much smaller than the intermedia’s, the yeild is much less per acre, which also contributes to the increased cost. So – I will look forward to seeing how this lavender produces for them.

In the meantime, you can visit their website
They have a lavender festival on July 14 and 15 this year.

About the photograph: I know it isn’t lavender, but what a beautiful color! Mums and cymbidium orchids!
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