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Make a Lavender Wand

July 7, 2011

I love this season! My roses are in bloom and the lavender is covered with blooms. There is something new to see in the garden every day.

Here are some photos and instructions for making a lavender wand. These wands are fun to make and it will only take you one or two to get the hang of them. Friends love getting them as gifts.

You will need: scissors, fresh lavender stalks with the flowers still attached and ribbon.

Start with a bundle of lavender

Photo 1 First, you need fresh lavender. You need the stems to bend without breaking. If you use dried lavender, the stems will break. For the weaving pattern to work, you need to work around an odd number of stems. I find it easier to weave 2 stems at a time. Start with cutting 18 stems. This will give you 9 sets of two stems each. (9 is your odd number)
Cut the stems at least 12” (100cm) long. You can adjust the length depending on how long you want the wand to be and how long your flower head is.
Carefully tie the bundle together as shown in picture 1. You will need a long piece of ribbon. When I tie my bundle I like to leave one end long and leave it with the flowers in the centre and weave around it. Then I have this end to make a bow when I tie off the weaving.

Photo 2

Photo 2 Carefully bend the lavender stalks down over the flowers as shown in the photo. Do not bend all the stems in the same direction. Bend them so they are fairly evenly spaced around the bundle of flowers. Because I will be weaving around 2 at a time, I bend two stalks together at a time. You must be careful not to break the stem.

Photo 3

Photo 3 Begin weaving the ribbon in and out of the stems. Keep your rows close together. This will get easier, the more wands you make. The fresh stems are quite elastic to bend and you will quickly gain confidence.

Photo 4

Photo 4 Continue weaving until you cover all the flowers.

Photo 5

Photo 5 When you have covered all the flowers, wrap the ribbon around the bottom and tie it, closing in the flowers.

Photo 6

Photo 6 You can wrap the remaining ribbon down the stem and tie a loop and a bow at the end of the stalks. Or you can make it very plain and simply tie a bow near the end of the stalks to hold them together.

Over the years as they lose their scent, you can refresh it by adding 3 -5 drops of lavender essential oil into the flowers through the top.