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Lavender Garden Resolutions

February 4, 2011

L. angustifolia 'Lavender Lady' seedlings

Last summer I was surprised when I finally got to some gardening, that several lavender plants had died. I knew better, but I had made basic mistakes that I am not going to repeat this year.

Picture southern France – hot and sun-baked in the summer and we all know by now that lavender needs plenty of sun. That was one mistake I didn’t make. My lavender had plenty of sun.

Resolution 1
I’m going to pay more attention to the space I give the plant. When you purchase a new plant in a 4″ pot, you forget the plant will need several feet (60 cm) of space around it. I lost several plants because they were crowded among other plants.

Resolution 2
I tend to buy new lavender plants when I see a variety I don’t have because I’m afraid I won’t see them again. This year I am only going to purchase plants that I KNOW I have room for.

Resolution 3
While I think the drainage in my garden is good and lavender-friendly, I am not going to take any chances this year. Any lavender plant going in the garden will have horticultural sand added to the soil.

Resolution 4
Prune the plants. The two plants that were crowded out had not been pruned regularly. If I’d pruned them that year, I would have seen they neede more space.

Resolution 5
Start lavender seeds early and pay more attention to them. I have a 3 tiered light stand, but I also have a large south-facing window. Last year I started them in the window. I only started a few seeds of 2 varieties, but in April, I was distracted by the passing of my favorite aunt and I lost all my seedlings. I’m leaning toward starting them in the window again, because it is easier for me to check them regularly.

Check back next week and hopefully I’ll share how I started them and have lots of instructions for you.
Are you looking for lavender seeds? Check out or

Lavender is not hard to grow from seed, but because it hybridises easily, there can be quite a variation in the flower colors.

All for now.