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“Lavender Blue” and Planting Lavender

August 15, 2010

August 15, 2010

Where does the time go!

It seems like just last week I was heading to “Lavender Blue” for their lavender festival, but it was weeks ago. What a lovely day we had. There was a sprinkle of rain that did not affect the atmosphere one bit. Visitors came from as far away as Michigan to enjoy the flowers. While I signed books and answered lavender growing questions, there were artists painting the lavender and a cooking demonstraton. One of my faovrite displays was a woman – and my appologies for not getting her name – who sold fairy items. It was a perfect complement to this magical farm.

Lavender Blue is located south of London, Ontario just east of the community of Sparta. I’ve delivered books there several times, but never when the lavender was in bloom. The farm is surrounded by forest and owner, Suzanne, tells me the area south is protected by the Ministry of Natural Resources. She has had women undergoing treatment for breast cancer come and sit by the fields and tell her how much better they feel for the time spent there.

Their initial planting is a multi-variety plot of rows of pinks and purples, mainly all L. angustifolia’s – Hidcote, Munstead and Twickle Purple. There is a new field of L. angustifolia ‘Munstead’ that was in bloom for the festival and where people could cut their own lavender. The store has a selection of locally made lavender products and I was fortunate enough to go home with a nice assortment. The lavender chocolate….. well, let’s just say it didn’t last long. They also had a rooibos tea with lavender that was delicious. For more information
or a map of how to get to Lavender Blue, visit:

Planting Lavender
If you have not planted your lavender by now, I would leave it until next year if you live in a climate that has freezing temperatures in winter. Lavender plants just don’t seem to survive as well when planted late in the season. The directions for making lavender wands are still up on my website:

Would you believe I have visited 2 more lavender farms in eastern Canada!! One in Prince Edward Island, one in Nova Scotia. More about them in the future.