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Sequim Lavender Festival

May 21, 2010

There is nothing nicer than spending time indulging in something that gives you a peaceful pleasure. A few years ago I was able to attend the Sequim Lavender Festival and if you have the chance to go, I would urge you to go. This area is located at the top of Washington State, west of Seattle and south of Vancouver Island. The farms are beautiful and often the Olympic Mountains are in the scenery, which is really spectacular.

The area is surprisingly dry. I would have thought with all the water surrounding it (Dungeness Bay and part of the Pacific Ocean) there would have been plenty of rain on this peninsula but not so. The weather moves across the mountains from the south, depositing any rain in the mountains, leaving this area very dry. Remember to pack sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen.

The festival this year is July 16 – 18th. There is a craft show in town with 150 vendors selling not only lavender products but unique items for your garden and food for your tummy. The website has all the information you would want.

Then there is the farm tour. This is only $15 per person and children under 12 are free. There are 7 farms on the tour this year. You can drive to the farms but I opted to take the shuttle buses. The farms are spread out in the area and each bus goes to a different section. You don’t have to bother reading maps, just enjoy the view. There is a central spot in town where you will find all the buses. Simply take the bus going to the farm you want to see, enjoy the farm then wait for the next bus. It was very convenient as I had gone to the area without a car – but more about that later.

At each farm there is a smaller craft show so take lots of money with you because the choice of products is overwhelming for a lavender junkie. Purchase lavender oil at several farms because each will be a little different depending on how it was grown and distilled. One of the farms on this year’s tour is Lost Mountain Lavender. When I went, they had a lovely display garden with different lavenders, well marked. They were on the edge of some woods and while I was waiting for the bus, enjoyed watching some deer! I seem to remember that all the farms had plants for sale, but as I was coming from Canada could not bring any home.

If you decide to drive, there are other lavender farms in the area but you would have to check their hours.

I didn’t drive. I flew into Seattle and would have rented a car, but decided to be more adventurous on this trip. I had no trouble getting to Sequim on a bus, but getting around Sequim was a little more challenging. I was fine during the festival as my hotel was near one of the shuttle bus stops. I stayed on after the festival for a lavender conference held that year. I had a pleasant 20 minute walk each morning to the conference site and the same walk back to the hotel. No problem, it was really enjoyable. However, the dinner was held at a Golf Club, out on the edge of town. I was surprised I hadn’t met anyone from my hotel going to the events, but it happens. So I called a taxi. He found the golf club without trouble and I explained I would need a drive back later. He said to just call. When I called later a nice voice told me they didn’t have a taxi available – it had broken down. It seemed there was only one in town!! I threw myself on the mercy of the organizer, who drove me back to the hotel. The conference was well worth while. Perhaps I should plan to go to the festival next year.

My seedlings update.
I’ve had a very stressful month with the loss of my very dear aunt. I forgot to water and lost the ‘Lady’ seedlings. However, the ‘Pink Perfume’ seedlings are looking very good.
All for now.