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Lavender Farm at the Royal Winter Fair

November 17, 2009

Since I was a child, the fall season is never complete without a trip to Toronto’s Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. I love looking at all the different breeds of cattle, the sheep and even the beautiful roosters and hens. The horse show is a must as the show jumping is wonderful.

Last Monday I helped at the booth of the Arabian Horse Association of Eastern Canada, answering questions about Arabian horses and even about how the Quarter Horse got it’s name!!

When my shift was over I had a chance to wander around and within a few minutes met Chris Marks, who with his wife owns Joie de Lavande, a small lavender farm south of Montreal, in the provence of Quebec. He had a booth at the Fair to promote his farm and their products and even managed to give Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, a bottle of their lavender horse shampoo for her horse. We had a wonderful chat. He had not heard of my lavender book – (Growing Lavender, A Guide for Cooler Climates, the first book on growing lavender in Canada), and I had not heard of his farm!

It was interesting that we had both been to the Sequim Lavender Festival and to see lavender growing in Provence France. What a small lavender world.

I’ve started making more lavender pillows for the holidays – gifts for friends and to sell. I have some lovely dried rose petals and will do some rose pillows as well as rose-lavender pillows.

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